Wednesday, May 5, 2010

open source softwares for Everyone......

This post of mine is motivated by one of the  paragraph in Nature review by Anthony Brookes -- Genotype-Phenotype databases: challenges and solutions for the post-genomic era. Contribution of the scientific community in open source softwares makes life of a researcher very relaxing....... less effort, better ouputs. Genomic researchers, clinician, gene-specialised researchers how they visualize the data in mind, they can now easily visualize it on Desktops........ From some people's perspective, there is no science in developing and using the softwares, its really like looking life in just 1-dimension,  always see your life from different angles and always change the themes, Monotonous attiude makes anyone dull...., May be you can get an idea, which your brain never sensed before, when you can see the data from all prospectives- Genomics, Proteomics .....etc, then one can realise all the "OMICS" are just interrelated. If u cant visualize what you have, there is no sense..... Thanks to GMOD Project, LOVD community etc who believe that science is not for money, its for making science more easier, more friendly and more useful...........

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