Sunday, April 18, 2010

More about IGVBrowser

IGVBrowser hosts Indian Genome variation(IGV)  data of IGV-Consortium, IGV Project has been constructed in phased manner where :
Phase I: 404 SNPs from 55 Indian populations.
Phase II: 3824 SNPs from 24 Indian Populations.
Affy 50K: ~50,000 SNPs (after quality check) from 26 Indian populations.

It provides comparison of informative markers from Indian populations with other world Populations and variation data is linked with annotation from different databases like Entrez gene, DGV, UCSC etc.


  1. Is any of it available in public domain, can't find anything in

    Is it still restricted to CSIR labs only? I was part of HTSSS implementation team (the browser was java applet then and got changed into php after I left) and would definitely like to see on which gene's the works are going on.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. No its not restricted to CSIR labs only,, all genes of igvdb are available here(, which have implications in disease and of pharmacogenomic importance, update you soon on site with new work....



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